With our partnership with OKex, we will be doing a joint campaign with OKex.
As you may have heard, OKex is the second largest exchange in the industry after Binance, with a large number of users and a high volume of trades, so it has solid liquidity.

Campaign details

期間9/28 10:00 – 10/11 10:00 (UTC+9)
Participation Rulesregister with BitCopy (from the following link if you are not registered)
Register for BitCopy

open an account with OKEx at the following link during the event
Register with OKEx (external site)
make a total of at least $100 in trades using BitCopy.
Please see the help below on how to link your OKEx account to BitCopy and how to follow traders.
Linking Exchange Accounts.
the first 170 participants who meet the requirements will receive a reward (up to 100 USDT) based on their trading volume.
protocolThis offer is only valid for transactions via BitCopy on OKEx accounts. 2.
you must pass OKEx’s Identity Level 1 (KYC1) within the timeframe.
malicious registration, trading, multi-counting and other fraudulent activities will be disqualified.
rewards will be granted by OKEx within 7 business days after the campaign ends.