How to manage 100% monthly interest! secret technique


I operate with Bitcopy with 100% of my monthly profits. method First, deposit an amount of money that won’t make you sick to your stomach if it disappears to bybit. If the amount you don’t care if you disappear is $10,000, that’s $10,000 worth of BTC. ↑The most important part is the amount of money・・・

Is Bitcopy a scam?


. Bitcopy’s dangerous points are explained! . BitCopy, which allows you to copy trades from pro traders and bots for free, is free, so many people think it’s suspicious! . I went looking for reviews as soon as I could! In one of the line open chats, I saw a post saying thatThey are using・・・

Actual operational results for a few days

Bitcopy その他

I’m currently operating at about 3 BTC personally at Bit copy. . Since it was Sunday yesterday, we took the kids to the park and went out for a drink with friends in the evening. . However, in the meantime, profits continued to increase, as shown in the picture above. . We began full-scale operations・・・

Meet the Trader Prof Alex 

Bitcopy トレーダー

Prof Alex . Alex is a professional trader with 20 years of experience in foreign exchange forex and equities, and he has a lot to offer. . He is not interested in trading commissions, and he loves the concept of Bit-copy. He is a true professional trader who is still mainly involved in Forex, but・・・

API setting with Bitcopy

API Bitcopy

. This is an article on how to configure the API only. . After logging in, please click on your account. . Then click on Account Registration. Please select an exchange. . The exchange email address is the same as your login ID. . API key is written as an access key in the case・・・

The idea of bit-copy multiplier


. You can gamble with higher multiples, or follow multiple traders with lower multiples to diversify. . In this article, I will discuss two pointsThe concept of increasing multiples for gambling managementand the concept of following multiple traders to build a portfolio for safe asset management . . ◆The idea of increasing the multiplier for・・・

Points of caution when using BitCopy


. The popularity of BitCopy is increasing due to the ease with which traders can operate it if you set up a follow-up and then leave it alone, but we would like to inform you of a little-known caveat. . . Manual settlement during follow-upNow would be the best time for unrealized gains! If there・・・

What happens when you unfollow them?


. You may unfollow a trader when you want to change to a different trader or change the multiplier. . If you un-follow, be sure to unwind the position by following the steps below. . Login to Bybit Click on the menu in the upper right corner. Click on Inverse Unlimited Scroll down. If you・・・

The recommended magnification is not displayed.

API Bitcopy

. When you don’t see the recommended multiplier, the cause is that your account deposit is not reflected in Bitcopy. When you are not reflected in Bitcopy even though your payment is completed, it will be reflected as soon as you put the secret key of your account again. . . . We recommend that・・・

Do accounts and traders move differently?


. There were times when I felt that the trades copied to my account and the traders’ trades did not look the same. . Specifically, when I started Bitcopy, it said on Bitcopy’s site that the trader made a $200 gain, but that’s not reflected in my account! I’ve been thinking about it. . We・・・