API setting with Bitcopy

API Bitcopy

. This is an article on how to configure the API only. . After logging in, please click on your account. . Then click on Account Registration. Please select an exchange. . The exchange email address is the same as your login ID. . API key is written as an access key in the case・・・

The recommended magnification is not displayed.

API Bitcopy

. When you don’t see the recommended multiplier, the cause is that your account deposit is not reflected in Bitcopy. When you are not reflected in Bitcopy even though your payment is completed, it will be reflected as soon as you put the secret key of your account again. . . . We recommend that・・・

Bitcopy registration – how to follow

API Bitcopy

How to register BitCopy . . Open this registration link Please take a look. . Click the “New Registration” button. Enter your full name, email address, password, confirmation password, and picture characters in the alphabet. Check the Terms of Service and press the “Sign Up” button. A verification email will be sent to your registered・・・