What is Bybit?


. Bybit is a leveraged exchange where you can trade at up to 100x.In order to use Bitcopy, you must open an account on the exchange. . Click here to open an account . Bibbit is an overseas exchange based in Singapore, butFrom the above, I think it is the most user-friendly exchange to use・・・

Get up to 9400 USDT bonus with Bybit!


There are discounts and bonuses on trading commissions and bonuses for entering trade battles on virtual currency exchange Bybit. . You’ll also get one bonus for logging in every day, so be sure to get it! . You can get up to 30 login bonuses. . . Procedures . Access here . Choose your team・・・

Precautions for withdrawals

Bitcopy Bybit

Precautions for withdrawals . When you withdraw, please unfollow the trader at Bitcopy.Next, please confirm whether there is no position on the exchange (such as By-Bit), and if there is a position, please close it. . . The unloading of the position can be done either at limit price or at market price, but if・・・

Bybit registration procedure


Bybit registration procedure . Bybit’s registration link is here. . If you’re in English, you can make it Japanese! See instructions← . Enter your email address, password and press the “Register” button.(Your password must be 8-30 characters long and contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and a number) . A 6-digit “verification・・・

How to read traders and positions

Bitcopy Bybit トレーダー

. We have been asked for advice on how to read the trader rankings by people who are not sure about them.I’m sure there are many people who don’t understand, so I’ll explain in the article ^^^ . . First open Trader Rankings. . For each trader, the following items are listed., amount of follow,・・・

Backroom 2: Multiplier and Leverage

Bitcopy Bybit その他

It’s unofficial so I can write! Backstabbing! About LeverageThis is a high risk and high transaction fees, so we haven’t recommended it until now, but we decided to show you how to use it so that you don’t have to be prepared to take the risk or make a mistake and lose money.Please refer to・・・