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About Leverage
This is a high risk and high transaction fees, so we haven’t recommended it until now, but we decided to show you how to use it so that you don’t have to be prepared to take the risk or make a mistake and lose money.
Please refer to it for your own risk management.

Bitcopy allows you to set the copy ratio, but the exchange can actually set the leverage on the exchange side as well.

It will be quite a high risk because it will be leverage x multiple when you set it.

Let’s use Bybit as an example.
Open Bybit’s inverse unlimited page.

If you change the multiplier in the leverage setting on the right, future trades will be reflected by the multiplier you set here.

Please note that if you make the change when you have a position, it may cause a gap in the position, such as when you close the position, it will be closed by a lot of selling (buying). Please unfollow before making changes to the position.

It’s a high risk method and you may want to know it only if you have the knowledge to judge for yourself.
If you’ve been touching it by mistake, put it back on.