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Where does Bitcopy’s profit come from?


. Bitcopy allows you to copy trades from professional traders for free, but it doesn’t make its cash points widely available to the public. . Some people seem to have the impression that the fact that it’s free and yet profitable gives them the impression that it’s dubious. . . I’m going to explain where・・・

Featured Trader Info

Bitcopy トレーダー

. A trader with 10 years of trading experience in the currency industry has snuck in and signed up as a trader!The name is T2 cycle! T2cycle, who started out as a professional trader with an asset of 20 million yen, started out with 100,000 yen, but this time he didn’t forget his original intentions.T2cycle・・・

The Risk of Bitcopy

Bitcopy トレーダー

. It’s easy to copy traders’ trades, but you need to carefully consider the quality of the trader and the multiplier to follow. . . . There are quite a few investors who have suffered losses in the last few days’ rallies, and many traders who have also lost money on bitcopies. Some traders have・・・

Trader Analysis

Bitcopy トレーダー

. Trader Comparison! . When choosing a trader, it’s important to determine what kind of trading traders you’re looking for. When selecting a trader, it is important to determine what kind of trading he or she is good at, whether he or she is strong in a range or a sharp rise and fall. .・・・

What if the trader passes out?

Bitcopy トレーダー

If a trader passes out in the unlikely event that he or she finds themselves in a situation where they are unable to make a trade, the position may be left intact.It’s easy to feel comfortable when profits are increasing, but traders are human and should not leave completely unattended and should check their positions・・・

Precautions for withdrawals

Bitcopy Bybit

Precautions for withdrawals . When you withdraw, please unfollow the trader at Bitcopy.Next, please confirm whether there is no position on the exchange (such as By-Bit), and if there is a position, please close it. . . The unloading of the position can be done either at limit price or at market price, but if・・・

How it differs from other social trades


It differs from other platforms in the following ways It is free to use. There are many platforms that charge a subscription or performance fee, but BitCopy is free. You can choose your own exchange. Many other social trading services are available on their own exchanges, and some of them are rumored to be services・・・

We’re looking for affiliates!


. Bitcopy is looking for affiliates. . A large percentage of traders have recently registered through word of mouth, as they have seen their profits rise along with the rise in BTC. . Bitcopy is officially affiliated with a major exchange, so we can offer you a free copy trade. . . . Would you・・・