It differs from other platforms in the following ways

It is free to use.

There are many platforms that charge a subscription or performance fee, but BitCopy is free.

You can choose your own exchange.

Many other social trading services are available on their own exchanges, and some of them are rumored to be services that are said to not really be social trading, and some are rumored to be making traders lose money by putting on a beard that is very dissociated from the other BTC charts, even if they are in fact doing so.

In this regard, one of the points that BitCopy is said to offer is the ability to choose your own from among the major exchanges, which is a safe way to use the service.

If users don’t make money, bitcopy itself won’t make money.

Bitcopy kicks back a portion of the user’s transaction fees from the exchange, and it’s in the interest of the operation.

As for Bitcopy, it is sure that it wants the user to get the profit and to use the service continuously.

Therefore, it can be said that this project is different from the common scam projects and is sincerely facing the benefit of users.

This attitude is highly valued and we have established partnerships with major exchanges.

Many traders are involved in this project.

On other copy trade sites, most of the participants are Bot participants.

Some say it’s because they put on a beard that deliberately scorches the discretionary traders.

Bitcopy has a lot of traders to choose from because there are a lot of both Bot traders and discretionary traders on the site.

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