Prof Alex

Prof Alexプロフ アレックスさん


Alex is a professional trader with 20 years of experience in foreign exchange forex and equities, and he has a lot to offer.


He is not interested in trading commissions, and he loves the concept of Bit-copy.

He is a true professional trader who is still mainly involved in Forex, but he always trades with about 60 different charts and information to choose from.



The trading history shows that you have a stable trade that is safe and secure.


It is a good way to cut your losses and take a large profit.

Prof Alexさん トレード履歴

Hi, guys.
I am a professional crypto currensy trader, Alex.
I have 20 years experience of trading.
Early in the trading, I have traded stock, future index, commodity and so.
After that, I started arbitrage and discretionary trading of crypto currensy in 2016.
Since 2016, I continue to make profits on a yearly basis in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.
My methodology is system and discretionary trading half and half.
In discretionary trading, I focus as below.
– Correlation between stock indices, commodities, interest rates and major altcoins
– Funding rate of cryptocurrency
– Defference of bitcoin futures price and spot bitcoin price
– Event news, like a halving, listed on CME or bakkt, approved Bitcoin ETF or not and so on
– deviation of trader’s position from many source
I try to develop methods that apply to crypto market.