We’ve partnered with OKEX, the largest leveraged exchange in the world!

We will guide you through the process of creating an account and getting and setting up an API.

First, go to OKEX

Click on Sign up in the upper right corner.

Enter your email address and password and click Sign UP.

Please enter the code you received at the email address you entered.

You can deposited here, but it won’t be shown in the future.

×Click on the “X”.

Click on Assets to open MyAssets.

Click on Bitcoin and then click on Deposit.

Please copy and deposit the wallet address shown.

Click on the person symbol in the upper right corner to open the API screen.

Click on the Create V3 API key and click on

Click on Google Authentication System

If you don’t have the Google Two-Step Verification app (Google Authenticator), please download and install it.




Scan the QR code for 2 in the Google Authenticator app.


Click the email code next.


The code will be sent to your registered email address.


The email may be moved to your spam folder.


In the case of GMail, it has been moved to the Promotions folder.


Please check the code and enter it.


Enter the code displayed in the Google Authenticator app and click on confirm.


Click on the person icon again to return to the API page.


I typed Bitcopy for whatever label I wanted to use.


Please set a password.


You can leave the link IP address blank.


Be sure to check the trade in the permissions section.


Enter your Google Authenticator Code and click confirm.

Click on View on the next screen.

Enter the passphrase and Google Authenticator code you just set up and click confirm.

Copy the APIkey and SecretKey displayed.

Next open bitcopy。

Please login to BitCopy.

Click on Account and click on Account Registration.


Select the exchange OKEX.


Please enter your email address at the time of OKEX registration.

Please enter your email address at the time of your OKEX registration.


Enter the APIkey and SecretKey that you just copied and press save to finish.


Thank you for your help!


Follow a trader and you’re up and running!